Dubai Tram

Back DUBAI TRAM The Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) planned to unveil to the public a brand new tram mass transit network on 11th November 2014. The tram itself was to be displayed as a holographic 3D volumetric projected image in its actual dimensions, being 44m long x 4.5m high. The projection required […]

Michael Jackson

Back MICHAEL JACKSON A holographic performance of Michael Jackson’s Slave to the Rhythm was shown at the Billboard Awards in 2012 in front of a live audience and broadcasted on TV to millions. The performance sent waves on social media generating nearly 40 million views over 17 months on an official video of the […]

Sarah Brightman

Back SARAH BRIGHTMAN The 31 location Symphony World Tour in 2008 in the USA, Asian and South America featured Musion’s holographic technology showcasing impressive scenery that had never been seen before in any touring concert production.  The tour’s innovative stage technology created an otherworldly, ethereal experience; enormous realistic ballrooms medling into fairytale garden and then […]


Back GORILLAZ In November 2005 Musion saw its big breakthrough in the international arena when the Gorillaz starred at the MTV Awards in Lisbon. The EMA show proved to be a great success – regarded as a seminal presentation for TV broadcast. This event can be seen as the birth of Musion – our […]


Back SAMSUNG Samsung Jet launched a simultaneous global live motion capture event for Samsung Jet in London, Dubai, Singapore and Beijing and continued their embrace of the Musion 3D technology by also launching Samsung Corby in South Korea and Italy.

Berlin Telepresence

Back BERLIN TELEPRESENCE On Wednesday 12th November 2008, Musion’s very own Telepresence system orchestrated a show-stopping, Star Wars style, holographic communication in real time between London and Berlin for the BlachReportDialog; a German live communications conference. Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion Systems, appeared as a life-size holographic projection transmitted from a studio in London to a live […]






Back RANDSTAD CEO Ben Noteboom appeared to 28,000 staff in 44 countries for the company’s 50th anniversary. His pre-recorded speech in four different languages was supported by breathtaking graphics, leading-edge virtual DJs and popular musical artists.


Back QUBIT Discovery Channel launches Qubit – new format quiz show using Eyeliner foil. 


Back SPEEDO The world’s leading swimwear company Speedo showcased the first space age Olympic swim suit, the Speedo LZR racer, with a worldwide holographic launch show, using the Musion Eyeliner system as its centerpiece. The world’s fastest swimmer, Michael Phelps, appeared in London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo on the same day, revealing the […]

Janet jackson

Back JANET JACKSON Janet Jackson opened the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans 2010, dancing with two holographic versions of herself as she sang ‘The Pleasure Principle’.