Fire Retardent Foil

What Is Musion Foil?

One of the keys to Musion’s current and future success is the unique flame-retardant, optically-clear polymer foil that is used to create amazingly life-like Musion3D holographic images. The ‘optically-clear’ quality of the foil enables Musion to replace the delicate pane of glass, which was traditionally used to produce the Pepper’s Ghost effect, with an ultra-thin, easily-transported and easily-rigged foil that produces a far higher-quality holographic image.

Why Use Fire Retardant Foil?

The ‘flame-retardant’ quality of the foil is essential because the vast majority of Musion’s installations are in venues that are very concerned about fire safety. Every year, some 70,000 to 80,000 people die in fire accidents in about 7-8 million fires worldwide. Many of these deaths occur in public entertainment venues fitted with flammable materials. Flame-retardant, optically-clear foil is a relatively new product. It is manufactured exclusively by the German – Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Polyester Film GmbH (MPF). MPF is the pioneer in the development and manufacture of non-halogenated foil; a far more eco-friendly process than the older brominated flame retardants used in the U.S.


  • Musion® Eyeliner® certified flame retardant Foil is available to ship to trade customers globally.
  • Packaged on a roll inside a 4.8m x 0.2m tube, the Eyeliner Foil is available in roll lengths from 5m – 100m.
  • Service is quick and easy, at lowest possible cost with no licenses required. Payment can be made in US Dollars, UK Sterling, Euros or Russian Roubles.
  • A recommended solution for experienced live event production companies who are equipped with the design and rigging skills necessary to successfully manage Foil-based Pepper's Ghost installations unassisted.


  • Musion technical staff are on-hand to guide you, and your preferred production company, through your requirements to ensure the absolute success of your Eyeliner experience.
  • Services include initial design consultation and advice, CAD drawings, equipment technical riders, Foil delivery and installation from one of our tech support crew most local to your event location.


  • Musion Events provides turnkey design and installation services, including equipment rental and operation at your event.
  • Further consultancy services provided include specialist advice on filming and content production, lighting design, optimised equipment packages and full on-site support for your event.


  • The turnkey option, and the preferred choice for many of our most valued customers. Our resourceful partner teams provide and eclectic range of skills and services including architecture, script writing, design, 2D and 3D film production, journalism, creative strategy, bloggers, twitter and all kinds of social media activity, as well as AV and telecom expertise.
  • Full event delivery including pre-show planning and consultancy, stage, set and lighting design, content creation for 3D holographic effect filming and animation, network links (for telepresence) and post-event social network marketing.