Filming Rooms

The Musion™ Filming Room (HDIC) provides individuals and organisations with an in-house professional HD broadcast standard image capture ‘cabin’ – similar in principle to a passport photo booth in that the equipment and talent space is pre-configured to work automatically, allowing keynote speakers to produce fantastic looking HD holographic presentations simply and cost effectively. The room may be as small as 5m x 3m or as large as a full movie studio.

When professional filming is required customers historically choose to rent a studio.

Musion™ offers a permanent in-house facility fully equipped with lights, HD camera, HD monitors, set and stage. Filming is in ‘high definition’ (minimum 1920 x 1080 resolution) using a single 3 chip HD broadcast quality camera. Musion™ has vast experience of creating life-like holographic images for use on either Eyeliner or EyeCandy 3D displays. This ‘know-how’ along with swathes of salient information is packaged into accompanying licensing agreements, set out in concise detail for customer understanding and peace of mind.

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