Musion EyeLiner Foil - The Biggest 3D Holograms

EyeLiner™ is the larger and most popular of Musion’s product offerings. There is no practical size limit as the screen can be to up to 100m wide. Standard apparatus tend to be 4m – 10m wide and 4m – 7m deep. Typical image size from a single projector is approximately 5m wide by 3m high (conversion: 16.4ft by 9.8ft).

How Does EyeLiner™ Foil Work?

The Musion projection system incorporates a ‘performer’s stage’ that is equipped with state of the art LED lighting and is usually boxed with hard panelling or dark draping along the sides and back of the system. The polymer screen sits on a 45˚ angle between the stage and the audience and at least one high powered, high definition video projector is mounted in front of the foil, projecting onto either the floor or ceiling depending on foil orientation. Live or pre-recorded shows can be shown on the Eyeliner™ unit. Eyeliner™ optimized content is typically stored on blank magnetic data carriers such as hard drives, video tapes or blueRay disks and played via data-processing equipment such as HD media players or MAC towers.

Where Can EyeLiner™ Foil Be Used?

The Musion EyeLiner™ holographic projection system is designed to work in public performance areas such as concert venues, theatres, exhibition centres, nightclubs, marquees, large office environments, retail stores and TV studios.

Want To Know More?

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