Digital Resurrection

Musion has the amazing ability to create 3D holographic images from existing 2D video assets (8mm, 16mm, 35mm HD material). By re-purposing existing video, it is possible to create life-like holographic projections of celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, and other significant figures.

How Does Digital Resurrection Work?

Numerous post production techniques are available to enable the re-creation of past performances into Musion 3D holographic shows. Particularly useful is the process of ‘rotoscoping’ which ‘cuts out’ the background of each video frame leaving only the subject. If necessary, ‘digital’ body doubling can be used to enhance or replace any footage of the performer’s head, legs, or torso that is not present or is of low quality. Using this effect, Musion produced a digital resurrection of Frank Sinatra appearing on a live stage that was shown at Simon Cowell’s birthday party. Applying the same principles but using photo-realistic animation instead, Hollywood special effects company Digital Domain produced the incredible Tupac Shakur performance at the Coachella music festival in Los Angeles, April 2012.

Of course, once this Musion footage is produced it can be saved to a digital master file, just like any pre-recorded footage, and is available to be shown multiple times in multiple locations.

Want To Know More About Digital Resurrection?
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