Musion Entertainment

Over 14 million YouTube views later, Coachella 2012’s holographic Tupac performance continues to amaze the watching world. Join the long list of global superstars, royalty, world leaders and resurrected pop icons that have created an amazing entertainment experience with Musion 3D.

If you’re unsure how we can help you, give us a call and we’ll talk you through just how we can bring your creativity to life.

Music and Performing Arts

With 3D holographic concerts, music lovers in multiple locations around the world can now simultaneously watch their favourite artists performing live.

But the best is yet to come. With Musion’s ground breaking digital resurrection, you can bring musical legends back on stage for an encore. Elvis has just re-entered the building!

TV Shows & Film Production

Your TV programs and films can be easily edited to include holograms. The Eyeliner™ shows can be seamlessly integrated into existing TV program formats and movies. Musion can also provide recording studio and film studio services. Avoid lengthy, costly post-production and instead create an immediate visual experience that can be enjoyed by both audiences watching at home and those sitting in the studio.

Musion 3D, vastly superior to rotoscoping and other production techniques, allows those watching at home to enjoy the genuine excitement of your live studio audience as they watch the visual effects unfold live as holographic images.

Award Ceremonies

Give your event a unique edge with holographic stage entertainment. Celebrate the outstanding members of your industry with our most impressive innovation; making the evening as special and as memorable as those artists you are celebrating.