Musion EyeLiner Foil - The Biggest 3D Holograms

What Is EyeCandy?

EyeCandy is a much smaller, more intimate version of EyeLiner, uses technology similar to EyeLiner to produce holographic images and offers a more portable and cost effective solution for simpler events and venues. EyeCandy is a point-of-sale display designed to produce quality holographic images in areas of high ambient light such as trade shows, corporate reception areas, shopping centres, airports and retail environments, including shop windows.

What Size Is EyeCandy?

The standard EyeCandy unit, using a compact high-definition projector, is 3m high x 3m wide x 2m deep with an image size that is 2.4m wide by 1.6m high. It is modular, easy to brand, uses standard 13 amp power and requires just two technicians and only 4 to 6 hours to rig and de-rig. The units can be easily configured to provide audience interactive services and even e-commerce transactional processing. EyeCandy is suitable primarily for video-only shows because, as a rule, live interaction on stage is not possible.

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