Corporate Marketing

With so much scepticism surrounding common marketing techniques, it’s getting harder to make a lasting impression. With Musion, you can now inform and entertain at the same time. Present your subject in an original and captivating new medium that defies expectations. Allow holographic video to turn the heads of your client base. Business doesn’t have to be boring or cynical; deliver a more accurate and engaging representation of your product.


Forget those free pens and give away a memorable experience. Project anything you want and join the future of holographic imaging. There’s no advertising or chaff blocking your product or speaker – it’s visible in its clearest form. People leave with the right information presented in a truly memorable way.

Schlumberger Presentation
BT Holographic Conference
Cisco holographic presentation

Keynote Speeches 

Why waste precious time and fuel, criss-crossing the globe, when Musion 3D holographic projection can bring the conference to you? Imagine addressing thousands of people in different locations all at once. Never before has technology offered such a memorable method of live presentation. Without even being there in person, you can engage and interact with multiple audiences in real time.

Prince Charls Hologram
Cisco holographic presentation
Prince Charls Hologram

Fashion Shows

Innovation. Inspiration. Stunning visual spectacles. Musion 3D and fashion go hand in hand. There’s nothing more important than making an impact on your audience; Musion 3D gives the front-row style icons a new experience to really shout about.

Product Launches and Advertising

Musion works alongside clients in the role of creative agency. Musion’s Eyeliner™ unit is ideal for product launches, advertising campaigns and press launches. Leave complaints about limited space and inconvenient locations at the door; summon your holographic product wherever the launch is taking place. Inspire your audience, and get your product the attention it deserves. Musion is flexible, whatever the size of your product. With our 3D holographic projection technology, space is no longer an issue. The hologram of your product can be “spawned” into whatever space there is available.