Holographic Telepresence

Past Telepresence

In November 2007, Musion successfully transmitted 3D holograms of Marthin De Beer and Chuck Stucki of Cisco from San Jose to Bangalore during the opening of Cisco’s Globalization Centre East. This live Telepresence event was a successful intercontinental real-time transmission using Cisco’s internal network. Musion also delivered the world’s first live holographic Telepresence transmission over the internet with Ian O’Connell and Corinna Jess of Musion, both appearing live on stage in Berlin at the Blach Report Dialog despite both physically being in London.

Immersive Telepresence

Musion’s 3D presentation systems and its state-of-the-art filming rooms are the ideal medium for Immersive Telepresence; the ability to reproduce, between remote locations, the best characteristics of direct human interaction that result from face-to-face meetings. Musion’s live Telepresence system uses its own patented codec and high-speed broadband networks to create the world’s fastest, two-way, public high-definition broadcast system. The system has a multitude of corporate and entertainment applications including live stage settings for conferences and trade shows as well as the creation of interactive, interconnected 3D virtual meeting rooms that enable people physically located in one meeting room to see 3D holographic images of people in other offices as if they were sitting opposite them. No other telepresence product or service currently in the market comes close to matching the realistic, life-like experience of Musion Telepresence. Musion Telepresence makes possible entirely new forms of communication, entertainment, and education. A business executive in the headquarters office can deliver a keynote address to employees in remote offices all over the world. A live concert can be broadcast anywhere in the world, enabling remote audiences to see, hear, and enjoy the performance in Holographic Musion 3D. A celebrated professor at one university can simultaneously lecture students in multiple universities around the world. Related Musion Services Musion can also help with the Design and Installation of the EyeLiner system, take a look now.