Content Creation For Holographic Display

Musion fully utilises the potential of 3D animated content to engage a wide spectrum of target audiences. The ability to project a hologram of a life-sized car, or aircraft components, gives an immersive product experience; as though audiences are experiencing the real thing. These displays can be made interactive with the help of motion capture user-friendly interface or even with passive infrared sensors. These tools provide a great platform for marketing; by advertising your company’s logo in high definition and holographic 3D, you can expect it to be eye catching and memorable for all who observe.


Planning is key to providing a smooth high-quality holographic projection. To ensure your idea fulfils its potential, we can help with the storyboarding and planning stages to provide outstanding end results. Contact us for more information.

Filming For Holographic Projection

To make real life people appear as holographic entities, care and consideration are taken with filming procedures. Using high-definition video/audio capture equipment that is supplemented with LED lighting, we can produce high clarity content that captures the fine detail and idiosyncrasies of the talent being filmed. It is vital to understand the science and the art involved in putting together a filming room for use with a Musion Eyeliner system. We have produced hours of content that have proven to be truly captivating thanks to our cutting-edge facilities, industry know-how and focus on post production.

Motion Capture

Motion Capture technology records movement created by a person to later be used on a 3D animated character. This method of animating human movement makes the character movement considerably life-like; a thrilling and truly fantastical experience for the audience.

Live motion capture can further enhance the effect, by having a live person onstage talking to an animated holographic character who can respond and react in real time the illusion becomes reality.

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