Visitor Attractions

The Musion 3D platform allows for unparalleled flexibility in creating a special event and generating repeat visits by keeping the content fresh. Interaction with the 3D holographic images is possible by using third party technologies such as live motion capture and touch screen panels, therefore enabling a more entertaining and hands-on experience contributing to increased time spent in the attraction during visits. Mintel (2011) found that one-in-four visitors try to incorporate an educational or learning element into their visit or attraction. The Musion 3D platform can be used to bring the educational element into a visitor attraction. Another interesting finding was that 50% of visitors agreed that a special event or exhibition being held at an historic or cultural attraction would encourage them to visit.

Marketplace Applications

Marquees can be constructed to any size or design as required and offer flexibility in where they may be sited. The marquee pictured was a feature of Trafalgar Square during spring 2005. The stand-alone structure was used to canvass visitor opinion about London’s bid for the 2012 Olympics. The interior comprised an interactive 3D cityscape of London and a holographic theatre featuring 3D life-sized holograms of famous British athletes making presentations to support London’s 2012 Olympic Bid. More than 250,000 visitors registered opinions over the 14 day period. London was, of course, successful in its bid to host the 2012 Olympics.

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