Venue Partnership Program

8 Northumberland Avenue

8 Northumberland Avenue has launched the first Musion Venue Partnership Programme. A grand ballroom with fully interactive atmospheric amBX lighting, in the very heart of London next to Trafalgar Square, now has a fully functional retractable Musion installation ready to be rolled out for your event in less than 40 minutes. The cost of the Musion set-up in this venue is substantially cheaper, about half the usual installation cost.


Will I Am Hologram

Content Production and Licensing

We invite music artists, record labels, concert promoters, theatrical producers, entertainment agencies, film makers, 3D animators and production companies to collaborate with 3rd party interactive technologies; to produce new content for one-off events, tours or to use in subsequent shows as recorded content for generating repeat revenues through licensing. Eyeliner 3D movies with no need for 3D glasses provide an entirely different 3D customer experience: Audiences can enjoy a mix of theatre-style live performer presence, combined with conventional film and special effects, uniquely enhanced by the addition of live on-stage LED lighting interacting through the foil, time-coded to the movie playback.

Advertising (EyeCandy)

Musion is gaining prominence and excellent repeat results in the social marketing sphere. Use in airports, shopping malls, train stations, exhibition halls, roadside, cinemas, nightclubs, concert halls, educational and other public sector venues, allows highly targeted conventional and viral-style communications to be aimed at the relevant demographic audience profiles known to be frequenting the specific environment.

EyeSay Grand Marnier

Digital Signage (EyeSay/EyeCandy)

Information. Infomercials. Edutainment. For use at trade shows, in-store retail, customer waiting rooms; high speed holographic Telepresence creates interactive information portals capable of significantly enhancing customer experience. Musion has enjoyed great industry acclaim for Digital Signage installations.

How to Become a Venue Partner

With experience of delivering over 400 live stage events in venues all over the world, Musion is delighted to introduce the future of live holographic conferencing, under a Venue Partner Program, to the leading events venues in Europe and the USA. Musion is seeking innovative and forward-thinking venues who want to be at the forefront of future technologies: conference auditoriums, hotel ballrooms, cinemas, exhibition halls, nightclubs, theatres, as well as educational and other public sector venues. Musion will install an EyeLiner™ 3D System on a licensed rental basis for 3 years at the Venue in question for demonstrations and events. Optionally, Musion will install a HD Telepresence Filming Room for both live relay to the EyeLiner display within the Venue and for in-house production of Musion 3D content. The main incentive being that EyeLiner rental costs for a one-night-show staged in a Musion Partnership Venue, are approximately just one third of the price of a similar spec show using Musion 3D EyeLiner structures; which also requires bespoke construction and de-rig, serving only as a temporary set-up. Over time the Venue will become the centre of its regional business community; becoming the Venue of choice for entertainment and corporate events. The Venue by default acts as a Musion demonstration partner, receiving additional commission revenue from the sale of any Musion products and services purchased for use outside of the Venue.
EyeLiner 8 Northumberland Avenue

Key Venue Applications:

  • Corporate and Marketing Events: Conferences, product launches, trade shows
  • Entertainment: Private parties, music concerts, fashion shows, live TV broadcast
  • 3rd Party Technologies: Telepresence, augmented reality
  • Further Applications: Art, education, charity, sponsorship, digital signage
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Eyeliner retract

Retractable Foil

The Facts:
  • Introduced Q4 2010, fully motorized
  • Stores to a depth of 0.5m x height 5m
  • Fully operational in under 45 minutes
  • A key target market: theatre and conference venues
  • Clear working stage when not in use
  • Notional price premium over non-retractable system
  • Significantly increases Foil longevity
Interested In Becoming A Musion Venue Partner? If you have any questions about becoming a Musion venue partner we would love to talk to you and answer any queries. Call us FREE on 0800 999 6300 or send us a message and we'll be in touch.