Musion has transformed the Pepper’s Ghost illusion, a simple Victorian parlour trick, into a jaw-dropping 21st Century visual phenomenon that astonishes and fascinates audiences of all ages. The Musion 3D holographic projection technology, which is deployed in a variety of products designed to serve different markets, consists of four interrelated systems:

Permanent and temporary Musion 3D installations, ranging in sizes of up to 8m by 100m, employing the company’s unique, patented, flame-retardant foil and video projection systems to recreate incredibly life-like and immersive 3D content.

Patented telecommunications technologies, enabling Musion to broadcast high-definition 3D content to any permanent or temporary Musion installation anywhere in the world with virtually no latency.

Patented telepresence technologies enabling live performers to appear and interact with Musion 3D images of pre-recorded performers, or other live performers in remote locations.

State-of-the-art film production and broadcasting studios creating and transmitting professional, high-definition 3D content specifically for use in Musion installations.