Musion 3D Holograms & Holographic Projection, Permanent & Temporary Installations and Hologram Holoboxes

3D Eyeliner Installations

Up to 8m by 100m, employing unique, patented, flame-retardant foil and holographic video projection systems to recreate incredibly life-like and immersive 3D content.

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Digital Resurrections

Pushing the boundaries of possibility, 'Digital Resurrection' combines several outstanding technological innovations to bring any person back onto a live stage as a holographic projection.

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Telepresence Tech

Enabling live performers to appear and interact with 3D images of pre-recorded performers, or other live performers in remote locations using our Patented world-leading Holographic technology.

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Hologram Holobox

A mobile solution for Holograms on the move. Live or pre-recorded, humans, meta humans, CGI, avatars or animation. High definition, 3D content indoors or outdoors.

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The Magic of Musion 3D: Life-Size Interactive 3D Holographic Projection

Introducing HELLO-GRAM: the Worlds’ First Hologram Dining Experience created by Virgin Media where loved ones located 400 miles apart were reunited via Virgin Media’s Gig1 broadband and the Musion 3D Immersive Telepresence technology. Musion worked with Audience, the engagement agency, on the production of this project. This exciting project has been awarded Hospitality and Leisure Project of the Year Award at the AV Awards 2021.

What is Musion™?

Musion™ is the global leader in the development, marketing, production and broadcasting of realistic, life-sized, interactive 3D holographic video shows and effects.

Musion™’s patented 3D technologies and imaging systems create spectacular, immersive, multi-media presentations with 3D holographic images so real that they are indistinguishable from the live performers and presenters appearing alongside them.

Exclusive immersive telepresence technology makes it possible to simultaneously broadcast multiple live events to multiple venues located anywhere in the world.

How The Magic Happens

Musion™’s holographic projection system takes advantage of the most innovative 21st century technologies, transforming the Victorian-age Pepper’s Ghost optical illusion into a state-of-the-art multimedia platform that enables 3D holographic projection; a jaw-dropping visual phenomenon that amazes and fascinates audiences of all ages the world over.

Unlike traditional 3D, viewing Musion™ does not require 3D glasses because holographic projection is not a stereographic effect. Instead, the hologram illusion is created by using projection to provide the viewer’s eyes with other visual cues – reflection, light, shadow, movement, and contrast – that fool the brain into thinking it is seeing a 3D image.

The illusion is truly astonishing. Musion™ 3D is an entirely new communications medium with virtually unlimited potential.

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