Virgin Media – Two Hearts Pizzeria


Earlier this year, as part of Virgin Media’s role in ‘unlimiting timeless human connections in a fast-changing world’, the brand’s latest TV advertising campaign ‘Faster Brings us Closer’ was unveiled.

To bring the sentiment of ‘Faster Brings us Closer’ to life and drive earned media coverage around the subject of unlimiting human connections, the ‘Two Hearts Pizzeria’ PR activation used Musion’s pioneering holographic technology to bring people separated by the pandemic closer than ever before, whilst restrictions still prevented them being able to meet face to face.

Located 400 miles apart, in London & Edinburgh, the Two Hearts Pizzeria was an interconnected, immersive 3D experience enabling diners in each location to enjoy a meal together sitting across the ‘same’ table, looking at each other, making eye contact, life-sized, 3D and in 4K quality, as if they were ‘actually’ there. The experience connected more than 30 loved ones over the course of two days, offering sittings to pre-booked diners only in a safe space, reuniting separated loved ones.

The installation consisted of Musion’s patented live Immersive Telepresence solution, that includes our unique proprietary Flame-Resistant Foil and Telepresence Lighting of Holicom IP filming techniques powered by 1.5mm flip-chip GOB LED which gives a clear, bright image that is visible in daylight conditions.

The diners were able to enjoy their pizzas together as if they were at the same restaurant table. Musion designed this World First intimate live interactive solution by a unique positioning of the cameras filming the diners through the Foil with the help of carefully selected filming lights that complimented the restaurant environment.

This exciting project has been awarded Hospitality and Leisure Project of the Year Award at the AV Awards 2021.

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