Telefónica Centenary commemorative concert


In a groundbreaking fusion of music and technology, Telefónica’s Centenary Gala at the gran Teatre del Liceu heralded a new era of immersive entertainment. Over 1,200 esteemed guests convened for this historic event, where the legendary Chinese pianist, Lang Lang, took the stage amidst a symphony of drones and holograms propelled by cutting-edge 5G connectivity.  

The culmination of this immersive experience unfolded with Lang Lang’s mesmerising duet with his holographic counterpart, crafted meticulously by Musion 3D in collaboration with Telefónica and Ericsson. Ian O’Connell, co-founder of Musion 3D highlighted the virtually imperceptible distinction between real and virtual pianos, showcasing the transformative power of 5G technology in enhancing live performances.   

Under the creative direction of Igor Cortadellas, CEO of Igor Studio, the concert transcended traditional boundaries, weaving together art and technology to forge a profound connection between the audience and the performance. Lang Lang’s wearable sensor-lit jacket, pulsating in sync with the music, further immersed spectators into the artist’s emotive realm.  

Telefónica’s centennial celebration marks the dawn of a new era of potential, propelled by Musion’s pioneering holographic technology, which continually reshapes the landscape of artistic expression, ensuring indelible experiences for global audiences. Extending its 15-year partnership with Musion, Telefónica Haivision, Musion unveiled the zenith of interactive remote experiences, underlining its unwavering commitment to pushing technological boundaries in the holographic field. The integration of Haivision’s Pro 460 bonded cellular codec, transmitting UHD content over Ericsson’s 5G network, added an extra layer of brilliance to the event, attaining an extraordinary milestone in the telecommunications domain.