Vodafone Romania – 5G Concert – Interstellar


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Vodafone Romania invited Musion to provide an interactive telepresence experience for their much anticipated event in Bucharest, on the 19th of February 2019 in order to demonstrate the capabilities of their 5G network. Musion provided turnkey production services for this event including lighting and stage design. The performance featured locally famous rock band Vita De Vie who were joined by a selection of guests, including 10 year old¬†audience shy Luca who was beamed onto stage as a live hologram performing in front of the audience. Vodafone’s 5G network provided the link between the filming location and the on-stage concert, the first time this has ever been done in Romania. The event was a huge success and Musion’s technology was the perfect platform to demonstrate the capabilities of 5G. The event was watched by thousands live on Facebook and was used to produce Vodafone’s 2019 flagship television commercial in Romania which has reached in excess of 2 million views on youtube to date.