H.E.R. Wanted


Musion provided their holographic technology to support “WANTED” a live interactive concert series provided by MWP Entertainment Group, kicked off by H.E.R. Grammy nominated  rising artist on December 14, 2018.

Shot in front of a LIVE audience the series will feature interactive displays, holograms & multi-camera media players, and behind the scenes (BTS) footage, allowing artists to reveal everything they aspire to share with fans, and enable fans to engage at unprecedented levels. The concert was also made available via livestream on multiple platforms, allowing the concert to be anywhere and everywhere, at your fingertips.

The “WANTED” concert series was born from a collaboration between MWP Entertainment Group and MBK Entertainment.  “We are excited to offer fans access and control of their livestream experience by utilizing the next evolution in experiential technologies. Whether controlling your angle with our multi-camera system, or real time engagement with social media directly through our HD media player, our aim is to re-invent the live experience for artists, music industry and most importantly, the fans,” said Don Lewis, co-founder and President of MWP Entertainment Group.

H.E.R. performed live on stage with two pre-recorded holograms of herself creating a multidimensional visual effect.

Photography ©2018 Lucas Williams https://lensoflucas.com/