On 26th of January, Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion Events and Charles Boyd, Director and Owner of 8 Northumberland Avenue, used the Musion technology to conduct a breakthrough Immersive TelePresence Q&A session. This entailed Ian being physically located at Carlton House Terrace and joining Charles on stage a few miles away at 8 Northumberland as a 3D holographic projection.


Whilst Musion has delivered 3D Immersive TelePresence events in the past for other organisations including Cisco, RosTelecom and Orange, using fiber optic cable and a dedicated network management system, this groundbreaking event was a first. The technology was successfully demonstrated using eight 4G SIM cards in a box all working together to stabilize the signal and deliver the 3D image seen. This massively reduces costs subsequently makes the technology an affordable solution for a wider audience.