PCMA – Now Appearing on Stage

Holographics on display at International Confex 2018 not only created wow moments, but helped attendees visualise how telepresence could be used at their own events. Imagine welcoming John F. Kennedy to your event, or sharing a platform with Nelson Mandela. How about getting HM The Queen to preside over your conference or The Beatles to […]

Musion Events Immersive TelePresence breakthrough

8 Northumberland 4G telepresence

3D holographic telepresence over 4G wireless technology Musion Events delivers World first three dimensional Immersive TelePresence over 4G wireless technology. On 26th of January, Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion Events and Charles Boyd, Director and Owner of 8 Northumberland Avenue, used the Musion technology to conduct a breakthrough Immersive TelePresence Q&A session. This entailed Ian […]