Musion Events Immersive TelePresence breakthrough


3D holographic telepresence over 4G wireless technology

Musion Events delivers World first three dimensional Immersive TelePresence over 4G wireless technology.

On 26th of January, Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion Events and Charles Boyd, Director and Owner of 8 Northumberland Avenue, used the Musion technology to conduct a breakthrough Immersive TelePresence Q&A session. This entailed Ian being physically located at Carlton House Terrace and joining Charles on stage a few miles away at 8 Northumberland as a 3D holographic projection.

Whilst Musion has delivered 3D Immersive TelePresence events in the past for other organisations including Cisco, RosTelecom and Orange, using fiber optic cable and a dedicated network management system, this groundbreaking event was a first. The technology was successfully demonstrated using eight 4G SIM cards in a box all working together to stabilize the signal and deliver the 3D image seen. This massively reduces costs subsequently makes the technology an affordable solution for a wider audience.

Telepresence is a well-known technology to aid a reduction in event costs and indeed carbon footprint: there’s no need to incur the expense of flying a key note speaker over from New York and paying for their accommodation.   But as Ian highlights, using 3D holographic TelePresence over 4G goes further and creates a “truly live experience, more immersive than talking to someone via a 2 dimensional screen.  It enables people physically located in one meeting room to see 3D holographic images of people in another location as if they were sitting opposite them.”

About Musion Immersive Telepresence

Musion Telepresence opens up whole new forms of communication, entertainment, and education. A business executive in their headquarters office can deliver a keynote address to employees in remote offices all over the world. A live concert can be broadcast anywhere in the world, enabling remote audiences to see, hear, and enjoy the performance in Holographic Musion 3D. A celebrated professor at one university can simultaneously lecture students in multiple universities around the world.

Musion’s Immersive TelePresence solution offers real-time reproduction across multiple  locations, creating an experience that replicates the characteristics of direct human interaction that is experienced in face-to-face meetings. Musion’s live Telepresence system uses its own patented codec and high-speed broadband networks to create the world’s fastest, two-way, public high-definition broadcast system.

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