Wired Tested: Best on-stage illusion systems


Musion Eyeliner: All-singing, all-dancing — 3D telepresence is becoming real.

A world leader, recognised for digitally resurrecting Tupac Shakur at Coachella 2012, Musion doesn’t create true holograms but adapts the Pepper’s Ghost effect. An HD projector illuminates a thin, effectively invisible foil in front of the stage, from a 45-degree angle. The image hits a reflective surface below the foil, and also passes through it, on to the stage behind. The 3D effect is extraordinary; Wired was genuinely hesitant to differentiate humans and projections. The subject appears to look directly at you, offering a disturbing intensity of intimacy. Unfortunately, only the audience can see it — those on stage rely on monitors.

Live telepresence needs a fast, direct connection of 10-20 Mbps (recordings are higher quality), but Musion uses its own codec that reduces lag and eliminates most of the signs of motion blur.

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