London – Berlin Holographic Telepresence


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On Wednesday 12th November 2008, Musion’s very own Telepresence system orchestrated a show-stopping, Star Wars style, holographic communication in real time between London and Berlin for the BlachReportDialog; a German live communications conference.

Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion Systems, appeared as a life-size holographic projection transmitted from a studio in London to a live audience in Berlin. The reaction from the audience was overwhelming, with the presentation leaders of the German communication industry swarming the stage to get a closer look at the technology. RTL, Germany’s leading commercial television station, got so excited at the afternoon rehearsal, they sent a journalist and crew to London and filmed their own show simultaneously in London and Berlin.

This exciting demonstration was created with the help of Masergy, who provided a communications network with exceptional video transport, enabling high-definition images and sound, as well as providing the London studio for the 3D transmission.