Melenchon Presidential Campaign gaining momentum after use of Musion Telepresence Technology

Musion Events Limited and its holographic technology took centre stage on February 5th in France during the presidential election where Socialist front runner Jean-Luc Melenchon utilized the Musion3D Telepresence solution to kick off his campaign appearing in the flesh in Lyon and as a three-dimensional spectre in suburban Paris at the same time. Delivering his address […]

France’s far-left candidate appears via hologram in Paris

  The political landscape has changed rapidly since the UK voted Brexit and Donald Trump landed his shock election win. Now it’s time for the French to decide their new president, Jean-Luc Melenchon is not resting on his laurels. The challenge of travelling cross-country to rallies is exhausting and time-consuming, but the 65-year-old hard-left hopeful appears to […]