PCMA – Now Appearing on Stage

Holographics on display at International Confex 2018 not only created wow moments, but helped attendees visualise how telepresence could be used at their own events. Imagine welcoming John F. Kennedy to your event, or sharing a platform with Nelson Mandela. How about getting HM The Queen to preside over your conference or The Beatles to […]

World First – Live Interactive Holographic Broadcast to Six Simultaneous Locations

 Melenchon Continues to Leap Forward in the Popularity Stakes in French Presidential Race   18th April 2017 – London, UK – Musion Events, and its holographic technology provided further impetus to French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s growing popularity in the forthcoming presidential election. The live 3D interactive broadcast to multiple locations on April the 18th […]

France’s far-left candidate appears via hologram in Paris

  The political landscape has changed rapidly since the UK voted Brexit and Donald Trump landed his shock election win. Now it’s time for the French to decide their new president, Jean-Luc Melenchon is not resting on his laurels. The challenge of travelling cross-country to rallies is exhausting and time-consuming, but the 65-year-old hard-left hopeful appears to […]