Sam Ryder


Samuel Ryder managed to attend the 2008 Ryder Cup Gala Event despite having died in 1936. Thanks to the magical resurrection abilities of the Musion Eyeliner™ System he was able to be full size, front and centre, and looking better than ever.

Samuel had some tricks up his sleeve this time around, as he hit golf balls into the crowd and disappeared and reappeared, transporting himself from one side of the stage to the other in a magical glow. He even appeared in a fully holographic chair at one point. The results were spectacular, and the live audience was in awe. As one audience member said, “I had no idea he wasn’t real. I don’t have a clue how it was done, but it was amazing.”

Samuel was brought back to life with the aid of Digital Illusions, one of Musion’s State side resellers of the Eyeliner System. Ann DeVilbiss, the company creative director and owner, developed the content along with Ed Conrad of NMR Staging and Events and the PGA of America.